Format: 26 x 5’
Tonality: Romantic-Comedy
Genre: Personal Drama
Core Target Audience: 19–29
(Overall Audience: 17–45)

findher is a live-action web series addressing a core target group of boys and girls from 19 to 29 years of age.

TIM has just turned 29 and was dumped on his birthday by his girlfriend ANNA. Not only does he feel old, pushing 30, but also lonely. So he has some professional photos taken, becomes a member of one of those dating apps and enters a whole new world.

It’s a match. In every episode, Tim meets one of his matches. With every date, Tim tells the audience a little more about his past and who he really is. But does he himself know who he really is and what he's really looking for?

With every new match, Tim meets another character who expresses a different point of view of today's omnipresent singlehood.

With every episode, Tim learns a little more about himself and that he actually needs to figure out who he is and what he wants before he can find the perfect partner. But that’s not easy when you're struggling between self-doubt, sex and love.

Unter dem Kreuzsteg 5
99428 Weimar/Isseroda
USt-IdNr.: DE303352254

+49 [0] 170 | 89 57 586

bigchild was launched in early 2016 by Kai Roman Schöttle. Despite it's young age, four projects of bigchild have already been granted funding and are in the development process.

Kai Schöttle worked for years as a commissioning editor and creative producer for international productions at the television station KiKA. (The German equivalent of PBS KIDS.) With bigchild he continues to concentrate on the development of original material for children and young adults with an emphasis on animated series.

All projects are meant to appeal to a larger audience, yet contain an individual flair. Captivating storytelling and a unique cast of characters should address an international audience. And every project from bigchild is conceived hand in hand both with apps to accompany the program, as well as a wide range of merchandising possibilities.

Currently we are working on the development of two animated series that will be presented as soon as we finished the trailers.


Cinderellas Adventures [WT]
is a series of 26 episodes, 11 minutes each, based on the cinderella fairy tale.

The Teutons [WT]
is a series of 26 episodes, 11 minutes each, where our heroes have to deal with mythical creatures and a bunch of untaimed Teutons.